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News and

News items about the Cybernetics Society and other matters of interest. Society notices.

About the

Items about the history, objectives, constitution, and character of the Cybernetics Society. Administrative documents.


Items about cybernetics, its meaning and its history. A collection of definitions, reviews, bibliographies and syllabuses about the subject. Further items are in preparation.


Details of the current programme of meetings, conferences, and other activities of the Society, updated as soon as the information becomes available.


Programmes and reports of Scientific Meetings and Conferences of the Society held in previous years. Index of past speakers. LInks to abstracts and full texts where available.


Services and resources available, including Library and Web Library facilities.


Information about other bodies, journals, etc., which have links to the Cybernetics Society, either on their Web sites, or taking some other form. More links can be found in the Web Library.

Contact List

Contact details and other information about the Officers of the Society, Council members, and others. Links to biographical information.

Book List

Books recommended by members as a useful introduction to the science of Cybernetics.

Advice for speakers

Guidance notes for speakers at meetings and conferences.