Metaphorum Announces
CybCon 2004

Cybernetics and Public Administration

Friday 3rd September 2:00pm St James's Park (weather permitting)
else 3.00pm Parliament Room, The Clarence 53 Whitehall London SW1A 2HP

14.00 Welcome and Discussion of posters, meet on the deck chairs - parallel dynamically clustered sessions

15.00 In the Parliament Room at The Clarence (drinks and food available).

18.30 "Later in the Bar" & Dinner (optional)

Saturday 4th September 10:00am Room S221, 2nd. Floor, St Clements Building
London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

10.00 Prof Alfredo Moscardini FCybS President Metaphorum

" Future collaborations"

10.45 Dr Allenna Leonard FCybS, Dr Marcela Villarreal, Dr Angela Espinosa FCybS, John Clarke,

"Measuring welfare and development using Beer and Max-Neef models and tools. Possibilities for systemic development on the AIDS Program from FAO"

John Clarke, UN World Health Organisation, "Transcending Organisational Autism"

Dr Angela Espinosa FCybS, University of Hull: "Applied Cybernetics in development of socio economic programs. Learnings on measuring welfare and socio economic development"

Dr Marcela Villarreal, UN Food and Agricultural Organisation "FAO support on governmental program for AIDS: Current philosophy, and approach and important challenges faced at the moment"


14.00 Dr Steve Wright, Omega Foundation "A Systems Description of the Northern Ireland Conflict"

14.45 Presentation and Plenary Discussion on

"Identity and Structure"
Dr Paul Stokes FCybS University College Dublin and Luc Hoebeke University of Amsterdam

17.45 Close: Prof Alfredo Moscardini FCybS University of Sunderland for Metaphorum

To register your interest or to book your place e-mail:

Further enquiries 020 7916 0285

Approved Students: Free Friday £5.00 Saturday £15.00 Non-Members and Guests £20.00
Payment: at venue or send payable to: Metaphorum Society
c/o Prof Alfredo Moscardini, University of Sunderland,
Room 215, SCET, Sunderland SR6 0DD, United Kingdom
Invoice requests to Leonie Solomons at Metaphorum:

Participants may care to meet for a picnic on the deckchairs in St James's Park on Friday at one o'clock
and at Caffe Amice No1 Aldwych on Saturday at nine o'clock for breakfast. Dinner will be at Salieri cost starts at
£12.50. Participants buy their own drinks and food but venues selected to keep costs minimal.
Map for Friday, Map for Saturday, Accomodation at King's College Student Halls, LSE Student Halls and some Hotels in Bloomsbury

CybCon2004 Conference Poster in .pdf format.

Cybernetics Society Brochure
Note this is a four sided single fold A5 colour brochure.
Print pp 4 and 1 turnover then 2 and 3 as 2 pages per single side of A4. Fold in half.

How to apply for membership of The Cybernetics Society

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